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About us

In 1983, family business was initiated by Mr. Dinkar Marathe with his wife Urmila and their sons Vivek and Vikram. The business was started by a very unique and innovative idea of repairing and repainting works of old educational aids.

The schools and the customers suggested to start a individual business of selling the new educational material rather than converting the old ones into new ones. So, finally in January 1986, the business was started in the name of Model School Suppliers.

In 2001, Mr. Dinkar and Urmila handed over the business to Vivek and his wife Anagha. By making the necessary changes according to the needs of the customers the business flourished. We also made school and classroom interior designing and total setup as per the requirement of the schools

The special material is also provided to the schools for mentally and physically challenged children. Presently we are supplying educational aids, montessori equipment etc to various schools, colleges and educational institutions across India.

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