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Product list

Detailed overview of material available :

3D Maps and Models
3D Raised and Relief Models
Polyart Plastic Maps & Geographic Slides
Maps by SOI ( Survey of India )
Celestial Globe
Maps - World - Continents - India - States - Districts
Map measurers, Metronomes
Aerial Photographs, Instruments
Geographical Apparatus
Survey Equipments
Drawing and Drafting Instruments
Global Positioning Systems ( G.P.S )
Thermometer, Barometer, Weather Instruments.
Coloured Slides, Stencil sets
Map Storage Stand
Historical Maps and Charts
Geography Books
Astronomical Telescopes.

Maths Lab Kit

Mathematical Charts
Pythagoras Theorem
Geo- Boards - Wooden, Plastic
Geometrical Figures - Transparent, Acrylic, Wooden in various sizes
Junior Mathematics Kit 1 & 2
Senior Mathematics Kit 1 & 2
Blackboard Instrument Boxes
Portraits of Great Mathematicians
Educational CD ROM's on Mathematics and many more

Bio-Visual Charts​

Biology Charts
Botany Charts
Geology Charts
Zoology Charts
Mathematical Charts
Human Anatomy Charts
Pharmacology Charts
Biochemistry Charts
Microbiology Charts
Biotechnology Charts
Agricultural Science Charts
Physical Science Charts
Physics Charts
Chemistry Charts
Engineering Charts

Montessori Toys​

Material for Arithmatic
Material for Language
Beads and Links
Blocks and Manipulative
Material for concept formation
Mix & Match
Material for story narration
Material for problem solving
Manipulative Toys
Free expression activities
Material for Dramatic Play
Montessori Apparatus
Pre-school furniture
Musical instruments
Play equipments

Wooden Educational Toys

The alphabets and Numbers
Shape and colour
Learn with fun
Fruits and Vegetables solid
Single piece liftout puzzle tray - Large, Medium, Small
Hand and Eye coordinator ( Small, Medium and big )
Wooden blocks
Double layer puzzles
Size and Seriation - Small and big
Wooden jigsaw puzzles - Natural finish, coloured
Building Blocks and Bricks for Construction and Pattern Formation
Parts of the body
Mother and Baby animal puzzles
Montessori Equipments
Raised puzzle
Mini Tray puzzles
Life cycle
Learn Basic Colours

Imported Anatomical Charts​

Imported Medical Models
Nursing Models
C.P.R Mannequins
3D charts
Anatomical Charts
For Nursing, Medical sciences, health sciences, midwifery, paramedical, physiotherapy
pathology, DMLT etc

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